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We’re a startup company located here in the United States. We created the Bullseye dropper because we know its not easy for most of us to put in eye drops and we’re looking to make the entire eye drop experience a lot more pleasant for all.  Part of the pleasantry will be how Bullseye is presented for retail sales and your opinion will help us out tremendously.  Below, read "Rules For Participating and Winning" then find the yellow box that says CLICK TO VOTE and you will be taken to a page with four exciting looks for you to choose from and then pick one. Your answers and email address will remain with Bullseye Dropper, LLC, and won’t be shared per our Privacy Policy.

Sharing with your Facebook friends will exponentially increase your chances of winning.

Contest extended:

Final date to register your vote: 12-27-2017

 If you've not done so already, please check out our homepage and get to know our first two products... eye drops that soothe all day with vitamins to nourish dry, red, fatigued eyes & a saline eye wash that flushes out grit, sand, bugs and more.

Then please VOTE on your favorite Bullseye eyedropper design. You & a friend will be automatically registered to win an Apple Watch 3 & iPad!



Participants must be 18 years or older.

Participants must live in the United States and or Canada.

No other offers are implied. 

No purchase is necessary.

The winner will be chosen at random from emails submitted in relation to the survey indicated on this page.

A single email will be chosen however there will be two winners. Those winners will be the person who sent the email and the person designated on the form as "Friend who referred you".

Winners will be chosen approximately 4 weeks after successful completion of crowdfunding campaign held in Feb/March 2018.

Winners have the option of letting Bullseye Dropper, LLC use their names/faces for promotional purposes.

Winners must provide proof of age over 18 at the time the survey was filled out.

The iPad we're giving away is new from Apple and is the 9.7" base model valued at $349.00. 

The Apple Watch 3 is the Aluminum, GPS only model in either 38mm or 42mm with a maximum value of $359.00.

The Primary winner is the person whose email address is chosen at random by Bullseye Dropper LLC. The Secondary winner is the person designated in the "Friend who referred you" section of the Primary winners response page. So, there will be two winners decided from just one email.

Each of the Primary and Secondary winners will have their own choice of iPad or Apple Watch 3.

Void where prohibited.

We will use your information for internal purposes only.  Please review our Privacy Policy for details.


By filling out the attached form you agree to our Privacy Policy.