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"Initially I looked for an assistive device to help my dad, whose essential tremors made it impossible for him to put in his own eye drops.  Researching, I found that over 65% of the population had difficulty self-administering eye drops regardless of health issues, age or capabilities and I wanted to help.   The  Bullseye eyedropper is just the beginning with Bullseye 1.0 and 2.0 being designed for customers with very specific eye care needs. We really want to make sure your eyes are receiving the care they deserve."

-Robert Behan

Robert Behan

Managing Partner

The Bullseye dropper has seen over 37 improvements in the four years since inception.  Troy Cooksey, the brilliant engineer behind our award winning eyedropper took a few simple drawings, a description of how the device was to be used and helped create the foundation for the easiest to use eyedropper available today.  Many thanks Troy!

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We are extremely grateful for the people and organizations that have helped get us where we are today.  With them we've produced brilliant prototypes, secured patents, advanced Bullseye's technology and explored the best in ophthalmic care .

SIDIS Global



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Bullseye Funding Partners

Bullseye Advisory Board

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What's being said about Bullseye dropper?

"Then last month, my 5-year-old son got pink eye and needed eye drops. As I tried to stop his wiggling long enough to get a dose of the antibiotics into his eye, it finally hit me, “Yes, we do need a better eyedropper!”


"The solution was in devising a bottle that almost anyone, ranging from an elderly man to a young child, could brace against their face. The design allows the user to hold the plastic device steady so a drop of medicine can be squeezed out."

Cincinnati Business Courier.

"The dropper touches the face above and below the eye socket, creating stability and delivering an accurate dose every time. It only requires one hand to use, and eliminates waste and inaccurate doses."

Northern Kentucky Chamber