one hand

smaller drop - no mess

one drop at a time


observational study 100 people, ages 5-84, with a mean age of 39 conducted by Bullseye dropper, llc. 2013-2014

success criteria:

drop reaching eye.

single drop delivery.

not contaminating bottle tip.

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help others

we've built a revolutionary eyedropper that makes eye drop administration quick, easy, safe and reliable for everyone. unfortunately the majority of eye care patients here at home and abroad are currently receiving sight saving ophthalmic medications in inadequate eyedroppers*, with just 31% on average capable of completing recommended treatments. over the coming years our goal is to provide prescription eye medications in Bullseye droppers to help insure healthy eye care across the globe. with every purchase of Bullseye 1 eye drops or Bullseye 10 eyewash, a portion of the proceeds goes towards us reaching that goal.

see below* for details of study conducted by alan lee robin, m.d. clinical professor at the university of maryland.

how you can help

it's late summer, 2017 and we're ready to introduce our first vitamin enriched eye drop, Bullseye 1 and Bullseye 10, a portable emergency eyewash, by means of a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. the launch date is02-05-2018, we're very excited, a bit nervous, hope we run a successful campaign and would sincerely appreciate your support.  would you please read the paragraph below the title that fits you best. 

i'm in healthcare

if you're in the fields of eye care, general medicine or are a caretaker of any kind, you know first hand the difficulties many have with eye drop administration. click here to see how you can support us. thank you.

i've used eye drops before

if you're an infrequent comsumer of eye drops or a person who uses them all the time, you're in for a wonderful experience. Bullseye dropper's deliver eye drops quickly, easily and without the mess.  click here to see how you can support us. 

i've never

used eye drops

if you've never needed eye drops,   you are lucky. i'm guessing however that you can relate to getting something irritating stuck in your eye.  click here to see how you can support us. thank you.


for now, your email helps!

whether or not you've used eye drops before, most of us can relate to the difficulties of eye drop administration either personally or watching a friend, a child, mom or dad struggle.  and the idea of getting dust, dirt, a bug or something foreign in our eyes is enough to make an eye twitch just reading this. 

Bullseye's goal, is to grow into a company that delivers sight saving ophthalmic medications to people here and around the world who are unable to follow prescribed regimes through no fault of their own.  missing the eye, squeezing out too many drops, contaminating the nozzle and running out of eye drops before allowable refills is commonplace while using today's standard eyedropper. 

by purchasing Bullseye 1, 10 or both on february 05, 2018 you'll not only be one of the firsts in your town to give the Bullseye dropper a try but you'll get to experience one of the healthiest, most soothing eye drops available today (Bullseye 1) or be prepared for your adventures around town or around the world with our emergency eye wash Bullseye 10.  either purchase will help kick-start our goal of helping millions.

for now, please click to sign up for our newsletter and as the date approaches we will keep you informed of all things surrounding the launch.  thank you!