ophthalmic medications are

• expensive

• necessary

• highly regulated

• can't be refilled

• not always available

over 65% 

are deprived of proper eye care because they


• miss their eyes

• squeeze out too many drops

• contaminate the nozzle

• run out of medication    before allowable refills


Prescription ophthalmic medications can be very expensive, are extremely important for proper eye health, are highly regulated and in many parts of the world, difficult to obtain.  Multiple studies have shown that proper eye drop administration is difficult for most, in fact more than 65% of the population struggles to meet prescribed eye drop regimes through no fault of their own with all studies pointing to a single culprit, today’s standard eyedropper.  Fortunately, the future is looking much brighter with the introduction of generic ophthalmic medications being prescribed in bullseye droppers!  


Your doctor cares, ask for your generics in bullseye droppers. Coming 2019



a better eyedropper

one drop

no waste

single drop delivery

smaller drop

enough for your eyes

none on your face

one hand

that's all you need,

so easy

no miss

no mess

arched design

complete stability 

complete control

easy squeeze

and you're on your way

bottom treads

when bottom lid 

needs drops